Water Line Leaks and Re-Piping

Water lines, in a home or business, can develop leaks at any time. These leaks can be from the water lines themselves, your pipes, or any of the plumbing fixtures and fittings you have in your home. Water line and piping leaks are an annoying problem that we find commonplace in the Kansas City area. They are a problem you want to address quickly though, as an undetected or neglected leak could cause your water bill to significantly increase. Here at Polestar our certified technicians have years of experience in diagnosing the exact cause and location of the leak, as well as having all the necessary equipment to fix the leak and piping issue.

Why are my water lines or pipes leaking?

This is a common question our technicians face in the field. These leaks can be caused by a wide variety of different factors.

  • Age of your pipes
  • Knowing the age of your pipes can help determine the cause of the leakage and help assess the need for repair or replacement. The average lifespan of a water main is 50 years. This is a long time, so the natural wear and tear your pipes experience could cause them to gradually wear down and leak. Our experienced plumbers will able to give you an estimate of how old your pipes are, and if this is a contributing factor to the water line or pipe leakage.

  • Invasive tree roots
  • Invasive tree roots can build up pressure on your water lines and pipes. Tree roots seek out pipes because pipes provide the essentials they need (water, nutrients and oxygen) to grow. Also, a clog in the outlet from the home to the sewer line can cause excess pressure to build up. A clog includes things such as trash getting caught on the pipe that leads to the sewer, or items that shouldn’t go down the drain that commonly do (baby wipes, paper towels, feminine products) are getting stuck in the drain and causing unnecessary pressure on the water line and/or pipes in your home.

  • Sudden change in temperatures
  • Breaks and leakage can happen at any point during the year, but are more likely to occur during extreme temperatures, including the sudden change of temperatures we’re all too familiar with here in the Kansas City area. The Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission and the American Society of Civil Engineers advises that just a 10-degree change in temperature can increase stress on water mains and service lines, and increase their risk of damage.

  • Soil or water conditions
  • Poor soil conditions, such as low soil resistivity and high chloride content, can lead to corrosion of pipes from the outside, causing leaks and necessitating repair or re-piping done to your home. Also, here in the Kansas City area we have an influx of a “hard water” supply, meaning we have a high mineral content in our water. This doesn’t mean it’s not safe to drink, rather it just causes corrosion on the insides of your water lines, pipes, and faucets over time.

leak repair
leak repair flooding damage

How do we diagnose what type of leak you have, and where the leak is located?

Polestar Plumbing can diagnose different types of leaks from where they originate and determine the best way to fix the leak entirely. One of our tools to help us with this is our sewer line camera. We feed the camera through the main water line in the home or business and once we find the leak we can diagnose the problem and determine if we should re-pipe, or repair the pipe. Another tool we use is a sewer auger, which helps to repair the pipes by relieving pressure if there is a blockage causing the leak. We are trained to repair leaks in pipes, and if we determine that the pipe needs to be replaced, we can re-pipe as well.

It is very important to know that damaged water lines require IMMEDIATE ATTENTION. Leaving a water line damaged can cause a variety of different problems, including the possibility of severe damage to the home if left unattended. The leaking water can cause the pipe corrosion, damage sheetrock, floors, and can cause flooding. The longer a leak is left untreated, the costlier the repairs will be. Once a leak is discovered it is important to have a professional come out to diagnose the problem and repair the damage right away. More importantly, it is imperative to get a leaking pipe repaired right away for health reasons. The excess moisture can provide an excellent environment for mold and other toxins to grow, and this can lead to problems after exposure of the damaged water line.

Polestar has people on call 24/7 to handle any situation you may require assistance with. We offer 24 hour emergency service, and we are able to dispatch our technicians at any time of day. If there is an emergency, our support team will get someone out to see you. It is the Polestar Plumbing, Heating, and Air Conditioning mission to repair your water lines as quickly as possible for a reasonable and competitive price.