Toilet Repair

The toilet is a prominent part of our lives and our homes. As much as we deny it, the toilet is an integral part of our daily household and should be treated as such. Studies have shown that a person spends on average THREE YEARS of their lifetime using the toilet, so it would make sense to know as much as possible about such a key component of your household. We know when your toilet stops working properly it can become a real hassle. Here at Polestar our certified technicians have years of expertise in toilet maintenance and toilet repair. Although the toilet is a rather simple item that is used on a daily basis, our knowledgeable service technicians are able to make the proper repair to avoid problems that occur with improper repairs. Our vehicles are stocked with the necessary equipment to make stool repairs. If it is determined that your toilet needs to be replaced, we will professionally install a quality stool.

How does your toilet work?

Knowing the basics of your household appliances can save you both time and money in the long-run. The toilet is a relatively simple device with two main components- the tank and the bowl. The tank contains the working parts of the toilet contained in the water reservoir (the tank behind the seat), while the part of the toilet you sit on is called the bowl. Other key components include the flush lever, located on the side of the tank typically, the flush valve, located inside of the tank, and the ball of flapper bulb, also located inside of the tank. Our experts here at Polestar recommend know as much as possible about your toilet, as preventative maintenance could avoid frustrating leaks, clogs, or damage to your toilet, necessitating in repair or replacement.

toilet diagram

What happens when you flush your toilet?

  1. When you push the handle the chain lifts the flapper valve. This allows a tankful of water to fall through the opening in the bottom, into the bowl.
  2. Water from the tank flows into the toilet bowl. Inside the tank a plastic float drops as the water trains out the tank into the bowl.
  3. The water draining from the tank forces waste water in the toilet bowl through the trap (the hole in the bottom of the bowl) and into the main drain, thus disposing of the waste water.
  4. As the tank fills back up with clean water, in the middle of the tank there’s an overflow tube that drains water out into the bowl if it gets too high.
  5. The tank and bowl then resets to their pre-flush levels.

Why could your toilet not be working properly?

  1. Weak flusher. This is a common problem in older toilets. Look inside the tank for the manufacture date.
  2. Phantom flusher. This means your toilet is flushing without anyone pushing the lever. The reason for this is that your toilet is leaking water.
  3. Slow tank fill. This could be because the previous owner partially closed off a valve underneath the tank.
  4. Bowl water level drops. This happens when a significant amount of water leaves the bowl for no reason. This could be caused by two things typically: a clog of materials in the center of the bowl, or a crack in the interior piping of the bowl.

Other Common toilet repairs include:

  • Clogged Stool
  • Leaking around the floor seal
  • Water leaking from the tank to the bowl
  • Stools with constant water flow
  • Not flushing properly
  • Stools that sweat
  • Replace or repair parts of the toilet

Why having a properly functioning toilet helps you:

A properly functioning toilet will limit the gallons of water that it uses, saving you money in the process! However, the older the toilet you have, the more water it uses. Toilets made before 1994 used up to eight gallons each flush; toilets made after 1994 have to have a limit of 1.5 gallons per flush. There have been recent advancements in toilet technology that further limited the amount of water it uses, saving you further money in the process.

Here at Polestar we service the following brands, amongst others:

  • Mansfield
  • American Standard
  • Eljer
  • Gerber
  • Kohler
  • Toto

Call us at (913) 432-3342 for any toilet related issues or concerns!