Sewer Line Cleaning & Replacement

The sewer line transfers the waste from the drain pipes in your home to the city sewer system. These are systems that are built to last. In fact, with proper care and a little luck your sewer line could last up to 100 years. Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean that you can just ignore it for 100 years and expect it to be just fine. Every once in a while, you’re going to need to have your sewer line cleaned if you expect it to continue working properly. Sewer line issues must be handled by a professional plumber. Here at Polestar we offer both sewer line cleaning and replacement. Our certified plumbers can determine if the issue is the sewer line, if the line needs cleaning, and/or make any repair necessary. We also have the ability to view your sewer line with a camera and monitor so that we can visually inspect the issues that are causing the problem.

Reasons for Sewer Line Stoppages

The roots in your yard. The blockage from tree root infestation is the most common cause of a stopped or clogged sewer line. This is a continuous concern, as tree roots never stop growing, and should be dealt with immediately, as root infestations only get worse over time. The reason why tree roots creep towards your sewer line is that they are seeking water; this search for water causes the roots to wrap around your pipes, causing stoppages and complete blockages of your sewer line.

Sewer Line Replacement

Foreign objects. Flushing foreign objects down your toilet is one of the main causes of sewer line stoppages. The foreign objects can include the following: feminine sanitary products, dental floss, Q-Tips, prophylactics, Handi-Wipes, Baby Wipes, diapers, small children’s toys, paper towels, cat litter, and facial tissue. To prevent a complete sewer line replacement prevention is key. Throw these items IN THE TRASH, not in your toilet. Your sewer line will thank you.

Fats, oils and grease buildup. When fats, oils, and greases from your food are washed down your drain they can quickly solidify and deposit on the inside of sewer pipes. Over time, the buildup of these fats, oils and grease can completely block a sewer line, causing sewer line repair or replacement. You can prevent this by depositing all these substances directly into the trash, and being selective about what waste and food goes down your garbage disposal. Also, when you dispose of food in the garbage disposal make sure the food is dispensing correctly in the garbage disposal. An improperly working garbage disposal can be a cause of sewer line blockage and cause a necessary repair and/or replacement of your sewer line.

Most Common Ways to Recognize a Sewer Line Issue

  1. Water back up in basement floor drain when you flush your toilet.
  2. Toilets do not flush properly.
  3. More than one drain is not draining properly.
  4. Yard has wet areas.
  5. Sewer smell in your home, and/or basement.

Preventative Maintenance for your Sewer Line

  1. Know where your sewer lines are located.
  2. Create a barrier between trees and sewer lines.
  3. Know the warning signs of sewer line blockage. Your drain will clog sometimes; when this happens frequently it’s normally a sign of a bigger issue with your sewer line. Call us at Polestar and we’ll send a certified professional out to diagnose what is causing the sewer line blockage.
  4. Frequently inspect and maintain your sewer line. A Polestar plumber can inspect your line with one of our state of the art camera probes, then makes recommendations upon their inspection.

All of our trucks are stocked with the proper equipment and materials to handle any clogged sewer line. It is our mission to clean, or repair your sewer line as quickly as possible at a fair and competitive price. In many jobs we do we use a camera to determine where the issue is occurring in the sewer line. We then send this video to the customer in an email so they can see their sewer line from the angle we do.