Leaky Faucet? Call us!

Faucets are an indispensable part of the household and keeping them in good working order is imperative. We at Polestar Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning know there is nothing more aggravating than a leaky faucet dripping. Along with the leak comes the constant dripping noise, waste of water, and ultimately more expensive utility bills, especially if it is hot water that is leaking. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, leaky faucets can lead to 10,000 gallons of water per household being wasted each year. Fixing your leaking faucets can save you around 10% of your average water bill, ultimately leading to hundreds of dollars of savings.

Reasons Your Faucet Could Be Leaking:

  1. Loose parts inside of your faucet. Because the faucet is a commonly used part of the household, it’s common for a few of the inner-parts of the faucet to become loose over time, leading to leaks. Two solutions: either tighten the parts inside the faucet causing the leaks, or replace the part altogether. In many cases it has proven to be more cost-effective to buy a new faucet rather than continuously replacing the parts inside.
  2. Worn-out seals and washers. Worn-out seals and washers inside the faucet can cause leaks in your faucet. The seals and washers can become worn out from constant friction from the sediment inside the water. In the Kansas City metropolitan area we have a high influx of “hard” water, meaning our water has a high mineral content formed when water percolates through deposits of limestone and chalk which are largely made up of calcium and magnesium carbonates. This water is perfectly fine to drink, don’t worry about that, it just causes pipes, faucets, etc. to corrode quicker. This is a common reason for many leaky faucets, and can lead to faucet repair and replacement.
  3. Corrosion to the valve seat. The valve seat connects the spout and the faucet. Often sediments from the water will corrode the seat, causing that slow leak we all hate. To fix this our Polestar plumber would clean the sediment for you from the valve seat, stopping the leaky faucet in the process. To combat this you can be proactive and regularly clean the valve seat, diminishing the possibility of future faucet leaks.
  4. Broken piping. Though rare, broken piping could be the cause of a leaky faucet. Pipes can develop cracks in them that interfere with the water pressure in your household, leading to faucets leaking. Our certified technicians here at Polestar would be able to diagnose that upon inspection.
leak repair

One piece of equipment you could purchase for your home to will protect all water-based appliances, to include faucets, is a ScaleBlaster. As mentioned before as residents of the Kansas City metropolitan area we have an influx of “hard” water here. The Scale Blaster removes the limescale deposits from the water, eliminating the sediment commonly found in the water and reducing the corrosion. This allows a longer lifespan for your faucet, as well as decreasing the possibility of a leaky faucet in your household.

Our plumbers here at Polestar are always courteous, and professional with many years of experience in the field. All of our vehicles are stocked with the necessary parts to repair your faucet. In circumstances where we determine that your faucet is beyond repair, we suggest quality replacement faucets that we will install efficiently and professionally. We strive to repair or replace your faucet at a fair and competitive price.

Some of the brands that we repair and install include, but are not limited to:

  • Altman
  • American Standard
  • Chicago
  • Delta
  • Grohe
  • Kohler
  • Moen
  • Peerless

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