Burst Pipe Repair Services in Merriam

Facing a burst pipe emergency? Polestar Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning offers emergency plumbing services you can count on!

One of the worst things that can happen to a homeowner is to have a pipe burst. Not only can it cause significant damage to your home, but also it can lead to many costly repairs if not caught in a timely manner. At Polestar Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning we are your reliable burst pipe repair company. Our plumbing contractors are available 24/7 and have the expertise needed to find a fast and reliable solution to your plumbing needs. We also offer flat-rate pricing to help keep our costs down!

Want to keep your plumbing at its best? Be sure to ask our staff how regular drain cleaning can help your home.

What Causes Burst Pipes?

There are many causes for burst pipes, which is why they can be so unpredictable. With that being said, there are some conditions that are frequently the cause of damage to our customer's homes. These include:

  • Severe Clogs: While clogs are often small and only a nuisance to a specific sink or toilet in your home, the larger they are, the more damage they can do. Scale buildup, invasive tree roots, and cooking grease are all clogs that can create excess pressure in your pipes, and lead to a burst.
  • Deterioration and Age: Like anything in your home, your plumbing can deteriorate with age. As your pipes age, they also weaken, making them susceptible to easy leaks and breaks, eventually escalating to a larger issue.
  • Frozen Pipes: Merriam temperatures can drop from time to time. During those colder winter conditions, you need to be sure your pipes are protected from the risk of frozen pipe damage.
  • Construction Damage: Renovating parts of your home? Digging up for a new pool? It’s important to locate pipes before any construction in your home, as it’s a common cause for burst pipes.

Tips for Preventing Frozen Pipes

It’s good when you catch a burst pipe in time, but it’s even better when you prevent it in the first place. One of the common causes of burst pipes in Merriam is frozen pipe damage. Some tips for avoiding these issues include:

  • Leave A Faucet Dripping: This is going to help with keeping your water moving through the pipes and decrease the pressure inside your pipes if there is frozen water inside.
  • Keep the Heat On: This is important even if you’re not home. Chances are you think the house can be cold if you’re not at home, but when the house becomes too cold it can cause frozen pipes.
  • Insulate Your Pipes: Any pipes that are exposed to cold air, make sure that they’re insulated. This includes the pipes that are running along your exterior walls and through uninsulated garages and attics.

Preventive measures are always the best way to help avoid emergency situations. However, in the event you do find yourself in an emergency situation, Polestar Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning is here to help.

We offer 24-hour emergency repairs and will always arrive quickly to help you when you need us most.

Reliable Burst Pipe Repair Services

At Polestar Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning, we understand that burst pipes happen when we least expect them. That's why we always arrive on time and ready to work. Our company is dedicated to the safety and comfort of our customers because after all, it’s about the relationship.

With over 35-years of local expertise, a dedication to our customer satisfaction, and flat rate pricing, we make a stressful situation simple and easy to deal with.

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