Polestar Family Membership

At Polestar it is not just about getting the job done, “It’s About The Relationship.” Our team of professionals truly care about your well-being and we want to be there for you like we would for our own family. We invite you to become a member of our #PolestarFamily where you will be treated to reliable world-class service.

You will have complete peace of mind knowing that you are a part of a family whose sole purpose is to make sure your plumbing, heating, and air conditioning needs are met. Even while we are out there, if you need a light bulb replaced, trash taken out, or groceries taken in, just ask and we will help!

We understand that your life gets busy, and we want to make life easier by helping our family in any way we can. Become a part of our Polestar Family Membership today and let us handle your home comfort needs. Just remember, at Polestar, “It’s About The Relationship.”


Family Member Benefits

What's better than being part of a family? As a member of the Polestar family, you'll enjoy priority service, hassle-free plumbing maintenance and more:

  • Front of the Line Priority Scheduling (Includes Immediate Family) - Members come first when service is needed. This also includes family members, such as your mom, dad, sister, or brother that do not currently have a membership, but need a technician out there ASAP.
  • 50% off Trip Fee – Diagnostic or service charge fee is half off!
  • High Performance System Checks (Spring & Fall) – Two tune-up checks during the Spring & Fall to make sure your system and equipment are running smooth and efficiently to prevent any future breakdowns from occurring.
  • One Whole-Home Plumbing Inspection – A plumber will go behind the scenes annually to catch any plumbing issues before they occur.
  • 10% off Parts & Labor – Discounted parts and labor!
  • Exclusive Family Member Promotions – Polestar Family Members get exclusive offers that people who don’t have a membership would not.
  • We’ll Call You! – RELAX! You do not have to worry about reaching out to us to schedule your check-ups. We will reach out to you!
  • System Check Reminders – A reminder email to remind you it is time for your system check (Spring & Fall) and for your Plumbing inspection.
  • Choice of Chore - Need your trash taken out? Groceries taken in? Light bulb changed? Just ask! That is what family is for and we want to help out in any way we can.
  • Auto-Renewal – Have the option to never worry about your month-to-month payments expiring. (unless you cancel, of course!)


How Does Membership Work & How Much Does It Cost?


Your plan comes with a free membership card that we will mail out to you! Polestar will always be in your back pocket if you run into any Plumbing or HVAC issues. Payment is month to month* with no contract or cancellation fees! For $18 a month, you'll enjoy priority scheduling, exclusive discounts, and most importantly, peace of mind knowing your plumbing systems are working as they should. That's priceless!


*The cost of membership is $246 for the year when paid upfront.

Want to enjoy all the perks of being a member of the Polestar family? Take the first step and give us a call at (913) 432-3342! Our friendly staff is standing by to answer any questions you may have.