Furnace Repair & Maintenance Services in Merriam

Worried that your furnace can’t keep up with the winter weather? Polestar Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning is your reliable Merriam furnace contractor.

When those first few inches of snow arrive in Merriam this winter, you don’t want to be stuck with a faulty furnace. You need dependable, long-lasting heat during those chilly winter months, so make sure you’re staying up to date with your furnace maintenance and tune-ups throughout the year. We don’t want you and your family left in the cold! You can depend on Polestar Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning to be your furnace repair company, and we will do the work to keep you warm all winter long.

If your furnace is beyond repair, we have a solution for that as well. Be sure to ask how a furnace replacement can help.

Why Does a Furnace Need Repairs?

Just like your air conditioner, your furnace needs regular maintenance and tune-ups throughout the year. Most repair problems stem from lack of regular maintenance, particularly from downtime during the offseason. A broken furnace will not only make your home cold and uncomfortable but also it can be deadly due to carbon monoxide leaks. There are several warning signs that you may need a furnace repair including:

  • A furnace that is making loud or strange noises
  • Inconsistent heating throughout your home
  • A furnace that is leaking water or gas
  • Your utility bill skyrockets (your furnace is working too hard!)
  • It is constantly running
  • Your furnace is over 15 years old (you may also consider a new furnace in this situation)

Whether there’s an issue with your pilot light or a leaky furnace, Polestar Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning can help you with all of your furnace repair needs. We will run diagnostics to help pinpoint the repair issue and have your furnace up and running in no time.

Emergency Furnace Repairs

As we mentioned earlier, regular furnace maintenance is important to avoid emergency situations in the dead of winter. But, if you do find yourself in a dreaded emergency, our technicians are here for you with our 24-hour emergency service. Whether your furnace is blowing cold air, struggling to turn on, or is making strange noises during operation, you can count on our heating contractors for help.

A major reason furnaces break down is because they’re not in use during the warmer months. If you want a system that can heat and cool your home, be sure to ask our staff about our heat pump installation services.

Make Polestar Your Furnace Repair Company

When you need furnace repair in Merriam, call on our skilled team members at Polestar Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning. Not only do we offer personalized services with flat-rate pricing, but also we’re available for 24-hour support. As homeowners, we understand that repair issues happen when we least expect them. That’s why we always have a technician on call 24/7.

So be sure your home is ready for the winter months with top-rated furnace maintenance and repair services.

Worried that your old furnace is in need of repairs? Call Polestar Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning at (913) 432-3342 and schedule a furnace tune-up for your home today!