Ductless Mini Split AC Systems in Merriam

Get more control over the heating and cooling in your home with a ductless mini-split AC system.

Whether your home has no ductwork or you’re making additions and are looking for alternatives for your heating and cooling needs, a ductless mini-split AC system may be the answer. These small systems offer complete indoor comfort and control, for a fraction of the price of a central HVAC system. At Polestar Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning, we are your reliable ductless mini split air conditioner installation experts. From choosing your new unit to finding the best place to install it, you can count on our staff for convenient and professional service.

Need help with your existing AC? We also offer air conditioner repair and maintenance services.

Why Install a Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioner?

Ductless mini split air conditioner systems can be used in ways a conventional HVAC system cannot. While they offer quality heating and cooling, they provide you the versatility of not having to use any ductwork. They offer plenty of benefits, including:

  • Versatile Installation: With a central HVAC system, you’re limited by the size of your system and the ductwork you have in place. If you decide to add a room to your home, you’ll also need to figure out how to heat or cool it. With a ductless mini split AC system, they can be installed anywhere in the home for fast comfort and functionality.
  • Improved Temperature Control: Have someone in your home that’s always hot, while you’re cold? Now you can both get the comfort you want with heating and cooling zones. With a ductless mini-split AC system, you can have two temperature extremes within the same home, for added comfort.
  • Lower Energy Costs: Unlike a central HVAC system that needs to heat or cool an entire home, ductless mini split systems only power specific areas. This helps you cut down on costs significantly, without sacrificing performance.

At Polestar Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning we are your ductless mini split AC system installation experts. We will assist you with designing and installing your new ductless system, ensuring your complete control and comfort in your home.

Signs Your System Needs Repairs

Like any system in your home, your ductless mini split air conditioner will need maintenance and repairs from time to time. It’s important to be on the lookout for warning signs, as unrepaired issues can damage your system. This can include:

  • Systems cycles on and off
  • Poor indoor air quality
  • High energy costs
  • No power to specific units
  • Low air flow
  • Noisy operation

At Polestar Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning we offer ductless mini split repair and replacement services for homes with older systems. With some quick diagnostics and testing, we’ll be able to find you a long-lasting solution in no time!

We also offer standard AC installation services for homes that are struggling with old AC issues.

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With over 35 years of local experience, Polestar Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning is your reliable ductless mini split AC system company. We help you every step of the way, including designing your system, choosing the units, and installing them. We also offer maintenance and repair services, which can be used to keep your heating and cooling comfort high. With our 100% customer satisfaction and our financing help on larger projects, you can enjoy cool and comfortable conditions in no time!

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