Where were you in 1984?

When you think of the year 1984 what comes to mind? To some it may feel like forever ago, to others like yesterday. Here at Polestar Plumbing, Heating & AC the year 1984 holds special distinction as our owner Mark Snell founded the company that year as a 22 year old recent graduate of Kansas State University. 32 years later and counting here we are. To illustrate how long it's been, lets hop in the DeLorean and take a look back at the year of 1984....

Top movies in 1984:

Ghostbusters, Beverly Hills Cop,
Indiana Jones and the Temple Of Doom, The Karate Kid,
Police Academy, Footloose,
and Purple Rain (RIP Prince)

Sporting news in 1984:

LA Rams (the first version) beat the Washington Redskins 38-9 in SB XV11.
Larry Bird and Magic Johnson faced each other in the NBA Finals for the first time. The Boston Celtics won 4 games to 3 over the Los Angeles Lakers.
Michael Jordan was drafted 3rd overall in the 1984 NBA Draft by the Chicago Bulls. LeBron James was also born in 1984… Coincidence?

Billboard Top 5 Songs of 1984:

"When Doves Cry" - Prince
"What's Love Got To Do With It" - Tina Turner
"Say Say" - Michael Jackson & Paul McCartney
"Footloose" - Kenny Loggins
"Born In The USA" - Bruce Springsteen

Prices in 1984:

Gallon of gas = $1.07 (on average),
Stamps = 20cents
Dozen eggs = .94cents
Minimum wage = $3.35
Average income = $21,000

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