Prepping Your Home For Spring

It may be February and winter is still in full-swing in Kansas, but it’s the perfect time to prep your home for the warm weather to come. It is very common for homeowners to overlook prepping their home for spring because of the warmer weather thinking that that’s the only factor that matters. While the temperatures may rise in the coming months, the warmer air brings new threats. Those threats exist in the forms of mold and pollen.

Air purification should be the primary focus for homeowners when getting ready for spring weather. The Spring season brings a rise in humidity which is the key environmental factor needed for mold to grow and survive. Not only can excess mold create awful home odors but if gone untreated it can even lead to dangerous health effects for the residents. Here are some signs your home may have mold:

  1. A consistent musty smell. ​Has and does your home consistently smelled “old” or “dusty”. Comparing the scent of your home to that of a newly built home or office does yours smell noticeably different? This is often the first and most common sign that a home has some degree of mold infestation.
  2. Allergy symptoms in the home. ​Do you or any residents of your home often exhibit any of the following symptoms:
    • Runny Noses
    • Sneezing
    • Red Eyes
    • Skin Rashes
  3. Visual Signs of mold growth. ​Third and most obviously if you see mold growing then you know your home has mold. Mold in small amounts is often overlooked and mistaken for dirt, soot or stained grout.

There are some simple fixes to any homeowners mold problem. UV Germicidal Lights are one thing that homeowners can do to kill mold in their home before it gets the chance to reproduce and grow. Another and arguably the best thing a homeowner can do to prevent mold and other germs contaminating their air is to install an Air Purification System. The Lennox PureAir™ Air Purification System is the top of line premium air purification system on the market. It removes 95% of all airborne toxins and germs and kills up to 50% of all home odor.

Polestar Plumbing Heating and Air Conditioning believes comfort and health are not always separate especially when it comes to the air quality of your home. We invite you to explore the various air Indoor Air Quality Systems we offer and if you would like to schedule an appointment feel free to do so via our online scheduler or give us a call at 913-423-3342.

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