Heating and Cooling Tips For a Sunroom


A sunroom can be a very fun addition to your home for almost any occasion! You could spend your time sitting in there on a warm summer morning, sipping a coffee, and reading a book. In the winter you could be gathered with your family reading Christmas stories and drinking hot cocoa. Having a sunroom in your home can be great asset to have. It is great to be able to enjoy the comforts of your home while still being a part of the great outdoors! The room can be utilized all year round as long as you know exactly how to keep the room at an enjoyable temperature. It is common for sunrooms to be freezing in the winter and ridiculously hot all summer long. Here are some tips so you can get full efficiency out of your sunroom!

During winter, your sunroom could be a cozy spot for your friends and family to enjoy. Watching the snowfall while doing holiday festivities sounds amazing, so let us help you do that this winter. A mini-split unit is a perfect option for sunrooms. They can be used in a single location or even multiple areas throughout your home. The great thing about mini-splits is your compressor is typically away from the room with the split system, so noise is never a concern. Plus, they are energy efficient.

Another common option is having a fireplace in your sunroom. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing, but it also provides heat to your sunroom all winter long! A fireplace is a great area to snuggle around and spend quality family time. It could change the whole atmosphere of your holiday season for the better. A cool tip for better insulation is to add a fluffy carpet to the floor and thermal draperies to your windows. They will hold in heat in the winter, keep the heat out in the summer, plus they are super stylish!

In the summer a sunroom is a great place for when you want to be outside, but it is just way too hot! Including a ceiling fan is a great idea to keep your sunroom comfortable. The fan blades also circulate the warmer air around in the winter time, double whammy! Investing in some tinted shades for the windows will help reduce the amount of sunlight that comes through, ultimately cooling the room. A mini-split unit is great for both the summer and winter and helps save money on electric bills. Who wouldn’t want to save money while enjoying their sunroom? Your room will be at the ideal temperature all summer! We hope these tips help you utilize your sunroom all year round!

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