Attic Insulation in Merriam

Stay cozy all winter and keep cool throughout the summer months with attic insulation by your trusted local HVAC pros!

Looking to reduce your energy bills and keep your Merriam, KS home safe and comfortable year-round? You could benefit from attic insulation installation. At Polestar Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning, our expert team can help you determine if your attic needs better insulation. If so, we’ll help you every step of the way, from choosing the proper type and amount of insulation.

Keeping your home comfortable means properly maintaining your HVAC system. Contact us to learn more about our maintenance plan!

Determining Your Target R-Value

The R-value measures how well heat and cold flow in and out of your home. In other words, it tells you how well insulated your home is. The higher the R-value, the better job it will do at insulating your home.

The R-value of particular types of insulation varies:

  • Blown fiberglass: 2.2-2.9
  • Batted fiberglass: 2.9-3.8
  • Blown cellulose: 3.1-3.8
  • Wool: 2.2-3.3
  • Sprayed foam: 3.6-8.2

You can’t really have too much insulation, but older homes often do not have enough. So, how do you determine what R-value you need for your home?

It is generally recommended for moderate climates to have the R-value ranging from R-38 to R-60. Depending on the type of insulation used will determine how many inches of insulation will be required. For example, blown fiberglass insulation should be around 17-22”, whereas a different material such as sprayed foam only needs between 6-14”.

Not sure if you need more insulation or if your home is sufficiently insulated? Simply multiply the number of inches by the R-value for the type of insulation in your home.

We can keep your home cool, too! We can help recommend and install the right AC system for your needs.

First Things First: Steps Before Insulating Your Attic

Keep your insulation in good shape for years to come and prevent rookie mistakes by getting these to-do’s out of the way:

  • Fix that leaky roof! - Don’t let water ruin your newly installed insulation. Prevent mold and mildew growth by fixing any leaks in the roof.
  • Safety-proof your light fixtures - Unless your lighting fixtures are safe to come into contact with insulation, it’s a fire hazard to have lights touching or covered by insulation. Make sure all of your lights are boxed out before installing new insulation.
  • Check your fans and vents - Are they directed toward the outside of your home? It’s against code to vent exhaust into the attic, but some homes were built this way despite the fact. Make sure to correct this prior to insulating the attic in order to prevent humid air from getting trapped inside the insulation.

Once you’ve checked off the above to-do’s, you’re ready to get started. Give us a call and let our pros in Merriam, KS help you with every step of the insulation process.

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